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Not the time to sleep, now. Not the time to sleep. W a k e u p. Wake up, its not the time to sleep now. Wake up. Don’t pretend to sleep. Wake up. Laugh-laugh. Not the time to sleep.

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New outtake of Jack and Finn for Miss Vogue Magazine.

They are perfection


handsome, really  handsome

A mockingjay is a creature the Capitol never intended to exist.



War of the Five Queens

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Titanic (film) trivia: The drawing scene was filmed on September 20th 1996 and it was the first scene Leonardo & Kate’s shot together. In order to break the ice, Kate decided to pull a prank on her co-star and flashed him.

"I remember Leo being brilliant, actually. He was very unfazed by it. I remember we were doing the body makeup in the makeup room in the access quarters that had been built for us. I heard Leo coming down the corridor whistling and making general sort of Leo noises. He was looking for Sian, his makeup artist, who was in the makeup room with me. I turned around to him and whispered "Unlock the door. Now now now, quickly!". So they quickly unlocked the door and Leo walks straight in. BOOM! There I was completely starkest. Standing there with my legs apart, and my arm is in the air, getting my body painted and I just thought "Well, I’d rather this moment was here, in the makeup room rather than on set in front of how many other bloody people." It was quite funny and I think Leo was almost relieved. Just because he knew he was working with somebody who just didn’t care. Who only wanted to do a good job, have a good time and have a laugh." — Kate

"The poor girl had to be completely naked in front of me, in front of the whole crew. It was like jumping right into it for her. I wasn’t uncomfortable at all, I was uncomfortable for her. But the scene worked out well."
— Leonardo


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make up<3